Exhibited as part of 'Transparenza' in REFRESH 2017 in Genova, Italy

Jac Harries and William Britten are recent graduates of University of the Arts, London who are frequent collaborators, intertwining their traditional practices of graphic design and photography to produce a contemporary form of communication.

In this piece, the pair tackle the ethics of anonymity in in vitro fertilisation and attempt to highlight areas of blurred distinctions. Drawing from an archive of materials during a time in which William was a private, altruistic sperm donor, the poster contains photographs taken in the lab of embryos in multiple stages of development alongside a poem that describes the damage-potential of a ‘state of quiescence’ when combined with the secrecy of anonymity for donor and child, eg. the first 18 years of life not knowing their biological parents. For both artists, the issue of male homosexuality ties the idea of a future family to the fertility industry, coming to terms with this innately personal problem and its inherent anxiety is embodied in the research for the creation of this poster. The  aesthetic style used draws symbolism; the lateral asymmetry of the imposed questions provoke inquiry into the concept of dominant alleles, whilst the theme of biological transparency is realised in the translucent sperm and egg 3D models.