The Set Situation, a performative adaptation of Dr Donald Winnicott’s psychoanalytic experiment, part of my ongoing Queer Dialectics project.


Thank you to @hijac for performing with me and @victoriadoyle for the lovely stills and video. Thank you so much @kristianstapleton for allowing the ensued mess and for putting on such a wonderful exhibition ‘Living in Hyperreality’ as part of @fringeartsbath, on until 10th June. 


‘Because of the survival of the object, the subject may now have started to live a life in the world of objects, and so the subject stands to gain immeasurably; but the price has to be paid in acceptance of the ongoing destruction in unconscious fantasy relative to object-relating. This is a position that can only be arrived at by the individual in early stages of emotional growth through the actual survival of cathected objects that are at the time in process of becoming destroyed because real, becoming real because destroyed (being destructible and expendable).’ (Winnicott)