In his current project, William is drawing from an archive spanning May 2016 - January 2017 in which he was a private altruistic sperm donor, to then being a potential father, and following a miscarriage, returning to his cyclic beginnings. The work produced after this process is not documentary, nor pertaining to grief, but a celebratory expression of the ability to undermine societal and biological boundaries as a queer act; attacking the innate notion of infertility caused by sexuality. In this sense, ‘queer’ is not defined as anti-heteronormative or as a unique act, but a collective attempt to normalise the abnormal.  A personal and contextual archive of collected materials including recorded phone-calls, a radio appearance and interviews with industry whistle blowers, along side a host of object expressions, aims to satiate the gallery space. This wall will house enough information to create a shared déjà vu, figuratively epileptogenic, causing a psychological seizure, a transfer of consciousness information and memory.  



Queer Dialectics exhibited in FUTURE/POWER, Croydon Arts Store, Feb 14-17, hosted by ICA London
3d visuals by jac harries