Queer Dialectics at  The Photographers' Gallery  Image by  Glenn Michael Harper


Working with mixed media within his art practice, William Britten produces societal work, and, as an apparent by-product, an operative solution for his own consolation. This desired solace often stemming from the exploration of ethnographical issues and challenging the conceptual confines often associated with contemporary photographic practice. In search of a universally intelligible, explicative art practice he works towards the creation of a quixotic dialectical image. This self-aware approach towards explaining the ineffable often subliminally emerges in the absurd, adding criterion to the work. This approach is currently the only way the artist feels he can plot his antecedent cause through the material visual. He has recently graduated from BA Photography at the London College of Communication, and also writes for Film’s Not Dead. 

He is currently studying MA Photography at Central Saint Martins.


Group Shows

UNEARTHING:  TATE Exchange, TATE Modern, March 2017

PRE SHOW SHOW: CLF Art Cafe, Bussey Building, May 2017

KIND OF: Photography, LCC Degree Show, May 2017

LAPC EXHIBITION: Eranda Studio, Photographer's Gallery, June 2017

REFRESH 2017: Transparenza, Marina Di Sestri, Genova, Italy, October 2017

FUTURE/POWER: Croydon Arts Store, ICA, February 2018

FRINGE ARTS BATH FESTIVAL: Living in Hyperreality, May 2018